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I have some more information from the NSDAR Patriot Index regarding the
surnames of Ridge and Howard.
First, the Joseph Martin Lewis who is mentioned as being a brother to
William Terrell Lewis, Jr., is actually James Martin Lewis, a son of William
Terrell's.  James Martin Lewis was born in VA. in 1762; had the rank of Lt.
in the Revolutionary War; service in N.C.; and died in TN. in 1830.  His
spouse was Mary Boswell Herndon.
Secondly, the mentioned Alexander Hunter was born circa 1750; his rank was
PS and service in VA.; he died before 27 Feb 1804 in VA.  Spouse was Martha
Thirdly, I don't think the John Howard, (with wife Avis, and died 1819) that
I mentioned before was the correct John.  More likely, the likely John could
be with the birth circa 1756; rank in Revolutionary War PS; service in N.C.
and death in TN. before 8---1820.  I have sent for this file with hopes that
there could be something that could connect him to my Robert Howard of White
Co., TN.
Fourth, I did not find mention of records regarding the names of Jonathan
Haines, Alexander Hunter, William T. Lewis; Samuel Crutchfield or Col.
Waler.  That does not mean that they did not fight in the Revolutionary War,
just that an application with their names has not been submitted to the DAR.
Again, I am trying to find the relationship between my Robert Howard and the
above names that were mentioned in a guardianship record regarding the
orphaned Ridge children.
Does anybody have any information at all on an Ignatius Howard, who was born
abt. 1725 in MD.?  Many Robert Howard researchers believe that Ignatius
Howard was Robert's father because of the naming of Robert's son, Ignatius;
found together in same location and times, before Ignatius' death in 1777.
I find it hard to believe that Sarah, Ignatius' widow, only had 3 small
children and was about 60 years of age in the widow's application for
Ignatius' pension.  Most likely, the 3 children named were the youngest of
the children born to Sarah and Ignatius, and the oldest children were out on
their own at the time of this widow's application.
SUBMITTED BY: Beth Warner Perona < >

I can't tell you how much I appreciate receiving the Howard Newsletter, and
your work, time and patience in keeping it going.  I may have something
interesting to share with you for the newsletter.
This is with regards to my Robert Howard (born abt. 1760 in VA. and died 9
Oct 1832 in White Co., TN.  According to the document that I am going to
share with you, Robert was in White Co. in 1808.  What I have been trying to
do is establish some relationships with the other people mentioned in the
estate record.  I may have some information on some of the men named.  I do
want to continue searching, so I am not finished with researching the named
men, yet.  But thought I would share what I have so far, and maybe someone
might have something more to add to what I have found.
1808 NC State Library and Archives CR085.508.136 Rowan Co., N.C., Estate
Records:  William Ridge; 1785; of Surry Co., N.C.:
Mr. Jonathan Haines,
You will please to take notice that I shall the house of
Robert Howard in White County in the state of Tennessee on the 8th day of
September next say 1808 in order to take the depositions of William Ridge.,
Jr., Thomas Ridge, Mary Ridge, Sitha Ridge, and perhaps others, in the suit
now defending in the Court of Equity for Rowan County in the State of North
Carolina, the suit formerly in the court of Equity for the District of
Salisbury wherein you and myself William Cook and others are defendants,
when and where you may attend and cross examine said witnesses if you see
I am yours,
Wm. T. Lewis
Evidently, this Wm. T. Lewis (William Terrell Lewis, Jr.) also took the
deposition of his brother, Joseph Martin Lewis, who mentioned a John Howard
of Patrick Co., VA.  I am working on the possible connection between John
and Robert Howard now.  I am very sure there is a connection... I am
checking DAR records.
This deponant further sayeth that in the year 1797 he this deponant
delivered a notice in writing from Wm. T. Lewis one of the present
defendants to Jonathan Haines that he should attend to the best of this
deponants recollection on the 8th day of June 1797 at the house of John
Howard's on Smith River in the State of Virginia in Patrick County to take
the deposition of said Howard and perhaps others in said suit....this
deponant says that he did attend at the house of said Howard's on the day
the notice did express and took the deposition of Captain Samuel Crutchfield
in said suite and that there was upwards of forty days between the times the
notice was delivered to Haines and the day on which the testamony of said
Crutchfield was taken which deposition was taken before Alexander Hunter and
Col. Waler then acting justices in said county which this deponant did at
the request of Wm. T. Lewis from a letter that he had received some short
time before he delivered said notice to Haines.
William Ridge, Sr. was a Private who served in PA., according to; Revolutionary War Service Records 1775-83.  He died in the
Battle of Hanging Rock in 1780.  His wife was a Winnefred Combs, who didn't
live much longer, so the children needed guardians to care for them.
Depositions from the Estate File of William Ridge; Surry County, N.C.
Elizabeth Ridge and Mary Ridge, orphans of William Ridge, deceased, came
into court and chose Nathan Allen their guardian and at the same time the
court appointed the said Nathan Allen guardian to Seth Ridge, Wm. Ridge,
Thomas Ridge and Winnifred Ridge, orphans of the said deceased.  Wm. T.
Lewis, Mason Combx, John Pipes, Silvanus Pipes, Zenos Baldwin, Isham
Thompson, and Wm. N. Cook, securities.  JR. Williams CC.
Guardian bond, May Term 1786, Surry Co., N.C.  Mary Ridge and Elizabeth
Ridge, orphans of William Ridge, dec'd, came into court and chose William
Cook and Jonathan Haynes as guardians.
Joseph Winston, John Burch, Henry Spears, securities.  J. Williams, clerk.
Court Order, February Term, 1788.  The following persons take the following
children into their possession and keep until next court, to wit, Jonathan
Haynes, Thomas Ridge, William Cook, Jr., William Ridge, and William Cook,
Esq., Winneford Ridge and that Winneford Allen be noted to appear and show
From    References Cited:
N.C. State Library and Archives, CR085.508.136, Estate Records, Rowan Co.,
N.C. Folder: William Ridge (1785)
Combs Research
George's Genealogical Research Filing Cabinet Sincerely, George Baumbach,
E-mail: c 1998, 1999 George A. Baumbach, All Rights Reserved.
The Ridge children ended up in White Co., TN. where Robert Howard lived, and
Wm. T. Lewis ended up in Davidson Co., TN.  Mr. Lewis' grandmother and
g-grandmother were both Warner's (my Margaret Howard, Robert's daughter,
married a William Warner).
I have run across a Peter Howard (b. 1738 in Amelia Co., VA. d.1825 in
TN.)and Portman Howard (b. 1770 in S.C. and d. 1840 in Overton Co., TN.)
Peter was Portman's father, and Ann Portman was his mother.  Was Robert a
cousin to Portman?    I have found a John Howard who was b. 1728 in
Spotsylvania Co., VA and d. 14 Oct 1819 in Simpsonville, S.C.  He was in the
Revolutionary War, enlisting in April 1781 and mustered out in Oct 1781.  He
did receive a pension.  Maybe the Howard's served with Mr. Ridge in the
Revolutionary War?
I will keep you posted with any other information that I find related to
these documents and the men in them.  If you have any questions, please let
me know.
SUBMITTED BY: Beth Warner Perona < >

I'm trying to link on to the family tree, by starting with my Great
Grandfather Isaac Emsley Howard
His son was Clarence Arthur Howard Sr. and my dad is Clarence Arthur Howard
I did some family tree work on, and would like to know if I
hooked onto the right branches.....
CONTACT:  Teresa Howard < >

If anybody wants to check out my website it is now at It contains all my researches for the Howard family
from Hertfordshire (and beyond) in England from the 1700's onward.
Cheers, Peter Howard

Hello everyone,
While doing the Howard Family Association Quarterly Newsletter, I had a
section that I called "Earliest Known Howard Ancestor" in which members
would submit their earliest ancestor.  It was a way to try to connect Howard
family members together. I would like to get more Howards involved in this
project for this newsletter. To submit your information, use this format:
Name of Ancestor, birth date/place, death date/place/burial, marriage
date/place, spouse's name, spouse's birth date/place, spouse's death
date/place/burial, and any comments you would like to add.  Those of you,
who have come from the HFAQN to the HFEN, please submit your information
again.  This will help to update your previous submissions and to help make
sure that I have a correct email address for you.
Thanks, Jen (Howard) Bailey < >

John Howard was born about 1738 in Surrey, England and died 1799 in Bamberg,
Colleton County, South Carolina.  He married Mary Ann Margareth Inman 1760
in South Carolina, daughter of John Inman and Mary Elizabeth. She died 1800
in South Carolina.
Children of John and Mary:
John Howard born September 9, 1786; married Elizabeth Chapman
Samuel Howard born 1770 South Carolina; died June 8, 1835 Quincy, Gadsden
County, Florida
Mary Elizabeth Howard born April 11, 1780 Orangeburg District, South
Carolina; died February 18, 1839 Barnwell District, South Carolina
George Howard born June 17, 1777 Barnwell District, South Carolina; died
1829 Liberty County, Georgia
Jacob Howard born 1776
Catherine Howard born 1762 Colleton County, Barnwell District, South
Carolina; died 1810 Bulkhead Causey, Colleton County, Barnwell District,
South Carolina.
SUBMITTED BY: Sheree Robinette < >
Note from Jen - For more information contact Sheree above or contact me and
I can send you the PDF file she sent me with information on the first three
generations of this line.

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