NO. 5
    			           March 10, 1996

TELLING A STORY...received a message from Ellouise Schoettler that she is teaching "Telling 
Your Stories" at the Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, North Carolina and Catawba 
Central Valley College in Hickory, North Carolina.  Good job Ellouise!

These SOUTH CAROLINA HOWARDs settled in the Pendleton District then Anderson County.  Ellouise 
Schoettler descends from John Howard, born 1805 in South Carolina and died sometime after 1880. 
He married Jemina Elrod and they had :  Amanda (1835), George (1839), Mary (1842), Hiram (1847),
Nathan (1849), Frances (1852), and Narcissus (1857).  Based on the census, this family lived in 
this area from 1820 to 1880.
	CONTACT:  Ellouise Schoettler, 102114,1672

QUERY:  My GG-GM, Elizabeth Lydia Howard was born July 1845 in Renssalaer County, New York.  
She married Stephen Bates in November 1864 and died in 1913 - all in the same county.
	CONTACT:  Cyndy Bates, 72241,1044

MORE SC HOWARDS begin in this family with Robert Howard, born 1743 and died August 26, 1793 in 
Charleston, South Carolina.  He married Ann who was born in 1744 and died February 21, 1810 in 
Charleston, South Carolina.  Colonel Robert Howard, son of Robert and Ann, was a naval officer 
and died February 21, 1850 in Charleston, South Carolina.  He was married to Harriett Lee and 
they had the following children:  Robert (1811), Theus (1812), Henry (1816), Thomas (1820), 
Stephen Lee (1822), Mary Lee (1823), Harriet (1824), Lee (1826), Joseph Lee (1827), and Susan 
	CONTACT:  William Henderson, 76061,2115

NOW SOME NEWS FROM THE NORTH....North Carolina that is...James Howard (d. 1729) in Bertie 
County, North Carolina, was married to Sarah Titus from Nasemond County, Virginia.  James' 
children named in his will are:  James Jr., Edward, John, Samuel, Solomon, and Sarah.
	CONTACT:  Michael D. Oakley, 73642,221

HOWARD CASTLE article with pictures and text is in the November 1985 National Geographic 
Magazine.  Get out those old National Geographics you've been collecting!
	CONTRIBUTED by  Malcolm Arthur, 102040,675

JOHN HOWARD (nickname Stoney) is retired WWII to Caney, KS.  If interested in contacting him...
	CONTACT:  Ann Nelson, 76035,545

QUERY:  I am looking for any information on Elizabeth Howard.  She died in 1822 in Hawkins 
County, Tennessee.  She married Francis Kenner about 1756 in New Hanover County, North Carolina. 
She possibly had a sister named Annie A. Howard.  Francis and Elizabeth had a daughter, 
Elizabeth Howard Kenner.
	CONTACT:  Audrae A. Mathis, 104031,542

H. Hayward, 22 years old, arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on the ship Elizabeth.  He married 
Sarah Stowers in 1645/8 and began the Howard lineage in America.  Who was he?  Was he just a 
carpenter?  Why did he and a friend (John Doe) disembark at Boston?  Were they part of a larger 
family emigration to the Commonwealth?  His name, Samuel, would ring through the next four 
generations, while the family resided in Charlestown and Malden, MA on to Temple, NH, on to 
Bethel and Rumsford, ME and westward to New York and into the Midwest.  Today, his descendants 
remain in Minnesota, Washington, and California....(to be continued)...
	CONTRIBUTED by: Sid Lindmark, 103330,1347

OFFER TO RESEARCH in Washington State for Howards from Mary LaSalle who will be glad to check 
records of eastern Washington counties available in their local library.  They also have the 
census records of Washington available for most years. (Thank you Mary!)
	CONTACT:  Mary LaSalle, 75711,3671

INFORMATION on Georgina Howard, daughter of Robert Howard, was born in Halesworth, Suffolk 
about 1861.  She married Lionel Creasey of Worlingworth, Suffolk, at St. Mary's, Worlingworth 
on August 3, 1885.
	CONTRIBUTED by: John Carpenter, 100347,646

QUERY:  I'm interested in an Elizabeth Howard who married Abraham Brannan at Exeter St. 
Sidwell's on May 29, 1770.  She was baptised in the same parish on April 22, 1748, daughter of 
Thomas Howard and Mary Mountstephen.  Their grandson James Howard Brannam was a potter - he 
even has a jug in the British museum!
	CONTACT: James Brannan, 101371,657

HOWARD ON THE OTHER SIDE...heard from Graham Howard who is a Civil Engineer working for British 
Petroleum and has recently returned from a 5-year assignment to Abu Dhabi, UAE.  He has traced 
his family back to Kingston upon Thames circa 1650.   "My branch all seem to be from Surrey, 
England.  I have traced my line back to about 1650 to Kingston-upon-Thames, with branches in 
Long Ditton, Thames Ditton, Wandsworth, Byfleet, Pyrford (all Surrey)....If I can help this 
side of the Atlantic re Howard research I would be more than happy to help.."
	CONTACT: Graham Howard, 101576,637

HOWARD or HAYWARD?  What surprised me most was the reference to the Hayward name, as that was 
my mothers maiden name, my fathers was Howard!  She was born in France of an English father 
(nottingham) and came over here during the war, while my father came from Co. Durham England.  
My mother's grandfather, Lambert Taviner Hayward was the genealogist in the family, he spent a 
lot of time in the thirties researching his side of the family back to 1730 on the Hayward side.
Each family was located in the Costwolds...
	CONTRIBUTED by:  Phil Howard, 101634,467

HOWARD CONNECTIONS...My grandmother was Alice Howard, daughter of Rebecca Barnes and John B. 
Howard of Missouri.  He died at age 22, was the son of John S. Howard, who was the son of John 
Baker Howard (of Maryland) and Mary Semonies of Virginia.  I have Rebecca Pruitt as John S. 
Howard's wife, but I think she was his second wife and not the mother of John B. Howard.  I 
have circumstantial evidence to connect John Baker Howard to Edmund Howard and Margaret Dent 
family of Maryland, but no absolute proof as yet.  Am interested in more info about the Howards. 
It took a long time to find my info on them as grandmother was only four months old when her 
father died and she died before I was born.  Thanks for any help.
	CONTACT:  Barbra Chambers, 103632,3236

BRITISH ENSIGN comes to America..."My mother was a Howard and I have traced the family back to 
the mid 1700s in New York.  Seabury Howard  (aka Richard) came to America as an ensign in the 
British Army.  He  fought in the campaign of 1759 under Generalk Wolfe against the French.  
Took part in the  capture  of Quebec.   He joined the American army when the Revolution began.  
He married Rachel Peck  and settled in Kinderhooks and Point Penninsula, NY.    Their son, 
Sebra-Bebre was born May 9, 1775.  He married Rachel Scott and they had 12 children:  Hannah 
(1797), John S. (1798), James (1800), William (1801), Sally (1803), Charles (1804), Sebere Jr. 
(1805), Hiram (1808, George W. (1810), Willam Orville (1811), Jane Scott (1813), Mary Ann 
(1815).  I would like to find more relatives and also any information about where Seabury came 
from in England.  He was killed at the Battle of Monmouth, but I cannot verify this.
	CONTACT:  Doug Cornell, 103221,1335

ALABAMA HOWARDS moved from Georgia into Alabama and on into Texas.  Enoch Howard, reportedly a 
native of England who came to Georgia as a child before marrying and settling in Montgomery 
County, Alabama about 1812.  He and his wife, Mary Green, had ten children:  Haley, Henry, 
Hyram, Hazel, Hadley, Dodge, Nancy, Henrietta, and Ada.  I'm descended from Hadley's daughter, 
Emily, who like all his children came to Texas.
	CONTACT:  Mike Luster, 76177,2024

MEANING OF HOWARD SURNAME...As an old-English surname it means Keeper of Hogs or Sheep 
(Hogward).  Other meanings suggest high chief/warden, brave, hardy of heart and mind.  
Derivatives of the name include Hayward, Heywood, etc.  Likely origins are Anglo-Saxon, 
perhaps derived from the Norman personal name of Huard or Heward which is composed of the 
Germanic elements hug, meaning heart, mind, spirit, plus hard, hardy, brave, strong.  It may 
also be traced to the Anglo-Scandinavian personal name Haward, composed of the old Norse Ha 
(high) plus Varor (guardian of warden).  Reaney's dictionary of Surnames has several early 
examples of both variants, e.g. Willelmus Huward (1170 Northumberland), John Heward 
(Colchester, Essex 1337), and Geoffrey Houward (Cumberland 1210).  The earliest Howard of whom 
we can be certain was a judge who died in 1308.  He was the father of Sir William Howard (or 
Haward), first Duke of Norfolk and founder of the House of Howard, the premier family of the 
English Roman Catholic nobility at the time.  The Howards of Norfolk included the earls of 
Effingham, Carlisle, Suffolk, and Berkshire.  Catherine Howard, wife of King Henry VIII was 
from the House of Norfolk.  Today the family seat is at Arundle Castle in West Sussex.
	CONTRIBUTED by: Graham Howard, 101576,637

QUERY:  I know very little about our Howard ancestor but am hoping to find more.  Harriet E. 
(may be for Earl) Howard was born about 1831 in Vermont according to census records.  She 
married John G. Rowe (either NY or IA).  Children were born in Scott County, Iowa.
	CONTACT:  Mary LaSalle, 75711,3671

HOWARD an ARCHITECT...J.G. Howard who was a prominent Toronto architect was born in 1803 and 
died in 1890.  He designed a new ballroom for Sir George Arthur in 1838.
	CONTRIBUTED by Rade Vujicic, 102522,206

CONFERENCE HELD by a HOWARD descendant...on March 7.  The "How Tos" of Publishing Newsletters 
by Jacci Howard Bear who is the publisher of "The INK Spot".

HOWARD info.... Mary Howard, born in 1806 in either Rendham or Kelsale, Suffolk was married on 
October 12, 1831 in Rendham, Suffolk to James Cooper.  James sister, Hannah Cooper, also 
married a Howard--James Howard who was born around 1813 in Sudbourne, Suffolk.  Hannah was 
born August 15, 1812 in Benhall, Suffolk and married James Howard on October 13, 1840 in 
Benhall, Suffolk.  He has details on the offspring of James and Mary Coloper, but nothing 
about Hannah and James Howard.
	CONTACT:  Phil Cooper (in Jakarta Indonesia), 76722,2416

DID YOU KNOW....that John HOWARD was elected Prime Minister of Australia?....a Howard is the 
judge at the Whitewater trial....Oliver Otis HOWARD (1830-1909) was a General in the Civil War 
and founded Howard University?...Roy Wilson HOWARD (1883-1964) was President of Scripts-howard 
newspapers...Sidney Coe HOWARD (1891-1939) wrote the basic screen play for Gone with the Wind?
	THANKS to Fred Bice, 104102,3511 who contributed this information!

NOW THAT WE HAVE A PRIME MINISTER,  (John HOWARD),  perhaps the professional genealogists will 
get to work and prove his descent from the Earls of Carlisle or whatever...
	BEST WISHES...John Driver, 73064,1064

OMAHA, NEBRASKA Public Library is online and available for searches.  The phone number is (402)
444-7731.  If anyone has Nebraska or Iowa reserach.  Also, their Genealogy Section has quite a 
bit of worldwide information.

ANOTHER FAMOUS RELATIVE?  Francis Scott Key's daughter married a Howard (names unknown).  One 
of their children, Charles HOWARD, married Mary Catherine Winder and they had five children:  
Charles, Elizabeth Key, Ruth, Nannie, and Rose Howard.  Elizabeth Key Howard married James Wood 
Tyson.  Nannie Howard married Orris A. Browne.
	CONTRIBUTED by: Pamela J. Preston, 72130,3123