May 28, 1997

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25 - Richard Howard
27 - Chelsea Leigh ()
29 - James Howard
30 - George and Audrey  Howard
30 - Carollynn Petras

Here's a Howard for you from UK. She appears in the 1841 population census,
living alone with no other relatives in the immediate vicinity. She was,
according to the census taker, a 'lady of independent means' in other words
she had got money - more than was usual for this area (Cornwall) at this
time. Details are as follows:-
        Susanna HOWARD. Aged 55 years (in 1841). Born in the county of
Cornwall, parish not given. Living in Lansallos Street, Polperro, Cornwall.

For readers of your newsletter, in general, I am in the process of
compiling a database of residents of the village of Polperro based upon the
census returns and information available from other sources within the
village, for example, museum records ( I am one of the museum curators).
Although this is the only Howard to surface so far I will keep a sharp eye
out for any others and / or information which may be useful to your
readers. If anybody would like more information on this rather pretty
Cornish fishing village or the project please drop me a line:  Vern Oxley;
Polperro  Cornwall  UK
        CONTACT:  Vern Oxley

 My Howard tree is very small at this time.
 Frank Byron Howard 2 Feb 1853-4 Sept 1915 Berkeley, CA
  m. Arabelle Eliza Evans 4 July 1877 in Detroit, MI
  child of John Byron Howard 17 Nov 1827-29 June 1853 and Naitie Wilhemina
Williams who died Sept 1895
  grandson of Auson Howard and Cynthia Lyttle
 Thanks for your help
  Jean Youngson
 2702 Woodley
 San Antonio, TX 78232-4220
        CONTACT:  Jean Youngson

4563W  4567W  *Howard, Adele Cristina Sophia  1952  Hon. Timothy John
Palmer   1984
2848W  2866W  *Howard, Adeliza Maria   9 Sep 1833   Henry William Petre 20
Apr 1830
2651W  2651W   Howard, Alethea Gwendolen Alys Mary  24 Nov 1923   Edward
Frederick               Ward, son of  Dudley  2 Jul 1953
2438W  2438W   Howard, Alexander Charles Frederick  1981
3541W  3542W   Howard, Algar Henry Stafford, Sir  7 Aug 1880   1970   Hon.
Violet Ethel    Meysey-Thompson 11 Oct 1921
2331W  2331W   Howard, Algernon George Mowbray Frederick  15 Sep 1874   7
May 1950   
3541W  3563W   Howard, Alianore Rachel  25 May 1886   Maj. Arthur Hugh
Brabazon        Talbot-Ponsonby  24 Jul 1913
1493K  1493K  *Howard, Alice  20 Feb 1932   Carl Augustus Bower
1085C  1085C   Howard, Andrea Lynn  10 Jan 1956
2594W  2594W   Howard, Andrew Barnaby  17 Aug 1963  Katharine E. Oldfield 
2310W  2310W   Howard, Anne    Robert Edward Petre, 9th Baron Petre 19 Apr
3542W  3543W   Howard, Anne Violet   21 Mar 1923  John Cahill  19 May 1952
2474W  2489W   Howard, (Anthony) Michael Geoffrey, Hon.  18 May 1958  
Linda Louise    McGrady   1985
2489W  2489W   Howard, Arabella Blanche Genevieve  1986
2329W  2336W   Howard, Arabella Georgina     25 Jan 1809    10 Dec 1884  
Francis Thornhill       Baring, 1 Baron Northbrook  31 Mar 1841
2594W  2594W   Howard, Caroline Anne  30 Mar 1959
1227W  1227W  *Howard, Caroline Edith Mary (Mrs. Craig)   Simon Lachlan
Gordon-Duff     1990
444Q   631Q   *Howard, Caroline Elizabeth  14 Mar 1863  John Sturges
Waldorf  16 Jan 1896
2504W  2510W  *Howard, Catherine   27 Jan 1874   Philip Henry Joseph
Stourton  28 Jul        1829
2329W  2329W   Howard, Charles  6 Dec 1807     8 Mar 1882
2708W  2708W  *Howard, Charles, Duke of Norfolk   Frances FitzRoy
2335W  2438W   Howard, Charles Anthony Frederick   7 Mar 1951   Geraldine
Margaret                Theresa Dorman  1978
1984J   Howard, Charles Nicoll  7 Jul 1805
2329W  2329W   Howard, Charlotte 30 Oct 1803     8 Mar 1886   unm
3300W  3301W  *Howard, Charlotte    Rev. Arthibald George Campbell   29 Sep
405C   405C    Howard, Clifford Kipp   4 Sep 1883
1784R  *Howard, Cora    Asa A. Carle
2334W  2437W   Howard, David (Peter) Mowbray Algernon  29 Apr 1939   Anne
Mary Sayer                         10 Oct 1964
2334W  2334W   Howard, David (Peter) Mowbray Algernon  29 Apr 1939    Mrs.
Elizabeth Jane  Turner  1992
1085C  1085C   Howard, Deborah Lee   10 Oct 1948
3821W  3822W   Howard/Waterkeyn, Denis Gerard   8 Jul 1929   Betty Plant
Greenham                               18 May 1957
2504W  2504W   Howard, Donald Alexander Smith, 5B Strathcona &   24 Jun
1961                    Jane Maree Gibb 1992
2591W  2594W  *Howard, (Donald) Euan Palmer, 4B Strath. & Mt. R. 26 Nov
1923                    Jane Mary Waldegrave   20 Feb 1954
2310W  2310W   Howard, Edward  c. 1643           1667
2308W  2308W   Howard, Edward, 9th Duke of Norfolk   5 Jun 1686    20 Sep
1777   Mary -                         26 Nov 1727
2437W  2437W   Howard, Edward Mowbray Nicholas   1971
3304W  3541W  *Howard, Edward Stafford, Sir   28 Nov 1851     8 Apr 1916  
Rachel Anne     Georgina Campbell   21 Sep 1876
2878W  2879W  *Howard, Eliza  6 Sep 1835   Charles Berney Petre   31 May
363Q   560Q   *Howard/Troward, Eliza   23 Dec 1866   Albert Henry Cortelyou
393W   482W    Howard, Elizabeth   Sir Thomas Felton, Bt.
2651W  2652W   Howard, Elizabeth-Anne Marie Gabrielle   26 Jan 1934    Sir
Vivyan Edward   Naylor-Leyland, 3rd Bt.     17 Jan 1952
3542W  3544W   Howard, Elizabeth Helen   22 Nov 1924   Harold William
Norman Suckling                 28 Jun 1958
764E   764E    Howard, Emily Ann  18 Aug 1959
2878W  2906W  *Howard, Emma Agnes  10 Feb 1861   William Henry Francis
Petre, 11B      Petre        14 Apr 1823
2594W  2594W   Howard, Emma Laura Louise   17 Aug 1963
1984J   Howard, Eunice Margaret   25 Dec 1809    19 Apr 1816
2438W  2438W   Howard, Francesca Clare  1982
404C   405C   *Howard, Frank L., MD   25 May 1860   Christina Kip  22 Aug
405C   405C    Howard, Frank, Sherman   11 Apr 1891    30 Jul 1892
754W   754W   *Howard, Frederick Charles, Hon.   26 Oct 1893   Constance
Eleanora        Caroline Finch  3 Jun 1871
8W     9W     *Howard, Frances   7 Nov 1677   Sir Edward Villiers
1990J   Howard, Frances  2 Aug 1794  Col. Henry W. Hunt
2330W  2331W   Howard, Frederick Charles  21 Jun 1840    26 Oct 1893  
Constance       Eleanora Caroline -, dau 11E Winch.  3 Jun 1871
1865W  2474W  *Howard, George Anthony Geoffrey, Life Baron  22 May 1920 
1984   Lady     Cecilia Blanche Genevieve FitzRoy        11 May 1949
2488W  2488W   Howard, George Fulco Geoffrey   1985
2331W  2333W   Howard, Gordon Frederick Henry Charles, 5th Earl  18 May
1873     7 Jul  1946   Rosamond Margaret Hudson    26 Jan 1904
2331W  2331W   Howard, Gordon Frederick Henry Charles, 5th Earl  18 May
1873     7 Jul  1946   Madeleine Foshay   17 Jan 1924
1664K  *Howard, Grace V.  28 Dec 1889  Edgar Emmons Wikoff
2489W  2489W   Howard, Grania Alexandra Louise  1988
1224W  1224W  *Howard, Greville Patrick Charles    Mary Rose Chichester 
1764R  *Howard, Harriet C.  Hiram Pulsifer
2329W  2330W   Howard, Henry, 2nd Earl of Effingham  23 Aug 1806    5 Feb
1889   Eliza    Drummond  18 Aug 1832
2330W  2332W   Howard, Henry, 3rd Earl of Effingham   7 Feb 1837     4 May
1898   Victoria         Francesca Boyer   31 Oct 1865
2306W  2307W  *Howard, Henry, 6th Duke of Norfolk  12 Jul 1628    11 Jan
1683/4 Anne     Somerset   c.1652
2307W  2307W   Howard, Henry, 7th Duke of Norfolk  11 Jan 1653/4   2 Apr
1701   Lady Mary        Mordaunt, dau Henry, E Peterborough  8 Aug 1677
2326W  2327W  *Howard, Henry, Esq.    Mary Mackenzie
2332W  2332W   Howard, Henry Alexander Gordon, 4th E Effingham   15 Aug
1866     6 May  1927   unm
2508W  2651W  *Howard, Henry Edmund, 2nd V FitzAlan of Derwent   30 Oct
1883    17 May  1962   Joyce Elizabeth Mary Langdale   9 May 1922
2474W  2474W   Howard, Henry Francis Geoffrey, Hon.  17 Mar 1950
8W     393W   *Howard, James, 3rd Earl of Suffolk   10 Feb 1620    Barbara
Villiers  13 Feb        1650
2594W  2601W   Howard, Jane Elisabeth Sterling/Stirling    23 Jan 1955   
Nigel Morris Jones                    1987
1984J  *Howard, John    Eunice Howell
1981J  *Howard, John, Dr.   Frances Howell
2333W  2334W   Howard, John Algernon Frederick Charles, Hon.   29 Dec 1907 
 1971           Suzanna Patricia Macassey   12 Jan 1938
2333W  2335W   Howard, John Algernon Frederick Charles, Hon. 29 Dec 1907   
1971    Naida Frances Guest   9 Nov 1946
24.O   24.O   *Howard, Jonathan    Rachel Osborn
1085C  1085C   Howard, Judith Ann    27 Oct 1954
2906W  2909W  *Howard, Katharine, Lady, dau 4E Wicklow    c. 1831    27 Dec
1882   Arthur   Charles Augustus Petre   4 Jul 1855
764E   764E    Howard, Katharine Amye   28 Sep 1958
2594W  2594W   Howard, Katharine Mary  11 Sep 1956   Gavin Michael Jasper
Strachan                 1975
2594W  2602W   Howard, Katharine Mary   11 Sep 1956    William Evelyn
Hinton Joll   1982
2330W  2330W   Howard, Kenneth   14 Jun 1845    21 Jan 1903   unm
2327W  2329W   Howard, Kenneth Alexander, 1st Earl of Effingham  29 Nov
1767    13 Feb  1845   Charlotte Primrose     27 May 1800
3032W  3034W  *Howard, Lavinia Moira (Lyn)    Chris. Thos. Bern.
Turville-Constable-Maxwell      21 Sep 1963
14P    22P    *Howard, Margaret Elizabeth   7 Aug 1816    18 Feb 1901  
Eugene Post    2 Oct=
2847W  2848W  *Howard, Maria   11 Jun 1837   George William Petre    6 Aug
258W   259W   *Howard, Marjorie     George John Theodore Hyde Villiers    
16 Sep 1931
2308W  2311W   Howard, Mary    23 May 1723   Walter Aston, 4th Baron Aston 
 1 Oct 1698
2847W  2878W  *Howard, Mary Bridget    30 May 1843   Robert Edward Petre  
14  Feb 1786
3105W  3111W  *Howard, Mary Charlotte, Lady, dau 13D Norfolk   8 Apr 1897  
Thomas Henry    Foley, 4th Baron Foley    16 Jul 1849
391W   392W   *Howard, Mary Emily Elizabeth  22 Feb 1940   Henry Mildmay
St. John, 5V    Boling., 4V St. J   5 Jan 1893
2333W  2333W   Howard, Mowbray Henry Gordon, 6th Earl Effingham  29 Nov
1905                    Manci Maria Malvina Gertler   28 Oct 1938
2333W  2333W   Howard, Mowbray Henry Gordon, 6th Earl Effingham  29 Nov
1905                    Gladys Irene Kerry   12 Aug 1952
2333W  2333W   Howard, Mowbray Henry Gordon, 6th Earl Effingham  29 Nov
1905                    (Mabel) Suzanne Mingay Le Pen   1972
2474W  2488W   Howard, Nicholas Paul Geoffrey, Hon.  25 Apr 1952   Amanda
Kate Victoria   Nimmo   1983
2474W  2474W   Howard, Nicholas Paul Geoffrey, Hon.   25 Apr 1952  
Victoria Barnsley                       1992
1085C  1085C   Howard, Peter Russell     12 Nov 1950
2308W  2309W   Howard, Philip   24 Jan 1687/8 23 Jan 1749/50 Winifrede
Stonor    7 Jan         1723/4
2308W  2310W   Howard, Philip  24 Jan 1687/8 23 Jan 1749/50 Henrietta
Blount   8 Nov 1739
3015W  3816W  *Howard, Philip John Canning    14 Mar 1853    22 Apr 1934  
Alice Clare     Constable-Maxwell   4 Feb 1875
3702W  3702W  *Howard, Philip William  28 Jun 1961  Cara Margaret Browne  
14P    21P    *Howard, Priscilla Ridgely   31 Jul 1814    15 May 1837  
Eugene Post   9 Jul     1835
720E   764E   *Howard, Ralph Strong, III   18 Feb 1931  Elizabeth Voorhees
Demarest                        30 Nov 1957
405C   405C    Howard, Robert Lincoln   4 Mar 1890    11 Apr 1890
1084C  1085C  *Howard, Russell Andrew     13 Dec 1925   Rachel B. Pease   
7 Mar 1948
734K   754K   *Howard, Ruth    27 Jan 1892    Lawrence Hunt Wyckoff   17
Jul  1912
3541W  3545W   Howard, Ruth Evelyn    10 Dec 1877    14 Mar 1962   Gardner
Sebastian       Bazley   5 Jan 1903
3541W  3559W   Howard, Ruth Evelyn  10 Dec 1877    14 Mar 1962   Cmdr.
Francis Charles         Cadogan   2 Sep 1913
2474W  2474W   Howard, Simon Bartholomew Geoffrey, Hon.   26 Jan 1956   
Annette Marie   Smallwood     1983
325C   385C   *Howard, Susan A.     Henry Kipp    15 Jul 1841
425E   *Howard, Thomas       Margaret Disborough
2307W  2308W   Howard, Thomas   9 Nov 1689   Mary Elizabeth Savile
2309W  2309W   Howard, Thomas   4 Feb 1727/8   9 Jan 1763   unm
2308W  2308W   Howard, Thomas, 8th Duke of Norfolk    11 Dec 1683    23 Dec
1732   Mary     Maria Winifred Francisca Shelburne       26 May 1709
3816W  3817W   Howard, Ursula Mary   11 Sep 1879     5 Jan 1960   Sir Henry
Joseph  Lawson, 3rd Bt.  22 Nov 1899
3816W  3816W   Howard, Ursula Mary  11 Sep 1879     5 Jan 1960   Lt. Col.
Hugh Levin                              27 Apr 1949
2329W  2329W   Howard, William, Rev.  23 Apr 1815    12 May 1881   Barbara
Frances                 Wilhelmina Chester  12 Feb 1862
2309W  2503W   Howard, Winifred(e)   (1)9 Jul 1753  William Stourton, 16th
Lord Stourton           11 Oct 1749
94W    94W    *Howard-Jones, Evelyn  Jan 1951   Grace Granville Thynne  23
Jul  1914
3429S  3429S   Atwater, Eveline Henrietta   29 Apr 1859   Eugene E. Howard
3016W  3037W  *FitzAlan-Howard, Angela Mary Charlotte, Hon.  Marmaduke
Francis         Constable-Maxwell, 11B Her. 14 Apr 1875
3385W  3386W  *FitzAlan-Howard, Anne, Lady, dau 14D Norfolk   Maj. Gen.
Ralph Drury Kerr                     24 Jul  1878
3053W  3053W   FitzAlan-Howard, Anne Elizabeth, Lady Herries   12 Jun 1938 
  Sir (Michael)         Colin Cowdrey   1985
3068W  3068W   FitzAlan-Howard, Arthur  1991
3048W  3053W   FitzAlan-Howard, Bernard Marmaduke, 16D Norfolk   1908  
1975   Hon.     Lavinia Mary Strutt  1937
3066W  3069W   FitzAlan-Howard, Carina Mary Gabriel, Lady    1952   Sir
David Paridine Frost                    1983
2555W  4066W   FitzAlan-Howard, Edmund Bernard, 1V FitzAlan of D  1 Jun
1855    18 May  1947   Lady Mary Caroline Bertie   5 Aug 1879
3066W  3067W   FitzAlan-Howard, Edward William, 18D Norfolk    2 Dec 1956  
                Georgina Susan Gore  1987
3068W  3068W   FitzAlan-Howard, Florence  1993
3066W  3068W   FitzAlan-Howard, Gerald Bernard, Lord   1962   Emma Georgina
Egerton         Roberts  1990
3037W  3048W  *FitzAlan-Howard, Henry, 15th Duke of Norfolk    1847    11
Feb 1917        Gwendolen Mary Constable-Maxwell, 12B Terreg. 15 Feb 1904
4066W  2651W   FitzAlan-Howard, Henry Edmund, 2V FitzAlan of De.
3067W  3067W   FitzAlan-Howard, Henry Miles, 19D Norfolk          3 Dec
3067W  3067W   FitzAlan-Howard, Isabel Serena    1994
3048W  3049W   FitzAlan-Howard, Katherine Mary, Lady   1912   Lt. Col.
Joseph Anthony  Moore Phillips  1940
3066W  3070W   FitzAlan-Howard, Marcia Mary Josephine, Lady   1953  
Patrick Geoffrey        Ryecart  1977
4066W  4066W   FitzAlan-Howard, (Mary Caroline) Magdalen   24 Aug 1880
3053W  3053W   FitzAlan-Howard, Mary Katharine, Lady    1940  Gp. Capt.
Anthony Mumford                       1986
3028W  3066W  *FitzAlan-Howard, Miles Francis Stapleton, 17D No. 21 Jul
1915                    Ann Mary Teresa Constable-Maxwell   4 Jul 1949
3067W  3067W   FitzAlan-Howard, Rachel Rose, Lady   1989
3053W  3053W   FitzAlan-Howard, Sarah Margaret, Lady  1941  Nigel Hugh
Clutton  1988
3066W  3071W   FitzAlan-Howard, Tessa Mary Isabel, Lady 1950  Roderick
Francis Arthur  Balfour  1971
3053W  3054W   FitzAlan-Howard, (T[h]eresa) Jane, Lady  1945  Michael
Andrew Foster Jude      Kerr, 13M Lothian   1975
3067W  3067W   FitzAlan-Howard, Thomas Jack  1992
3048W  3050W   FitzAlan-Howard, Winefride Alice, Lady   1914  Lt. Col. John
Edward Broke            Freeman   1943

My name is Adam Soha and I'm very interested in any information that anyone
might have on my Howard line.  The first Howard that I have a record of is
Samuel Howard who was christened on February 18, 1726 in Bakewell,
Derbyshire, England and married on October 01, 1751.  I don't know the date
or the place of his death, but I do know that he was married to Ellen
 His son, William Howard, was christened on March 06, 1752 in Bakewell,
Derbyshire, England and married on November 18, 1789.  The date and place
his death are unknown.  He was married to Mary Longden, who was probably
second wife.  They had a son named Edward Howard who was christened on
November 02, 1790 in Bakewell, Derbyshire, England and was married on
February 17, 1812.  He was the first of my Howard ancestors to come to
America and he died on August 19, 1857 during a cattle stampede while on
way to Utah with the Mormons.  He was buried on the plains.  He was married
to Elizabeth Bramwell.  His daughter and the last of my Howard ancestors
Mary Howard who was born on September 11, 1816 or 1818 in Bakewell,
Derbyshire, England and married on November 23, 1851 to William David
 She died in either 1891 or 1898 in Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah.  If anyone has
any information on any of these people, please let me know.  My e-mail
address is  Thanks, 
        CONTACT:  Adam Soha

Tampa Tribune, Friday, January 31, 1997
WILLIE HOWARD, 89, of Tampa died Jan. 23 at Tampa Health Care. A native of
Coleman, he moved to Tampa in 1965. He was a pipeline layer and member of
Mt. Tabor Missionary Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, Matilda;
and two sons, Lorenzo Pool and
Charles Hammond. Ray Williams Funeral Home-Rhodes & Northern, Tampa.
        CONTRIBUTED BY:  "Gary L. Russell",

PHILIP4, PHILIP3, SAMUEL2, MATTHEW1) was born December 11, 1835 in Lincoln
Co., Tn., and died February 25, 1881 in Lincoln Co., Tn..  He married
LUTITIA  WHITE December 29, 1855 in Franklin Co., Tn..

1850 Census - Lincoln Co., Tn. - Benton Howard, age 14,  Li-1196-139. 
1860 Census - Lincoln Co., Tn. - Thomas B. Howard, age 24, Li-129-42. 
1870 Census - Lincoln Co., Tn. - T. B. Howard, age 35, Li-200. 
1880 Census - Lincoln Co., Tn. - Thomas Howard, age 44, born Tn., farmer,
father & mother born Tn., 4th District, Li-82-98, Li-36. 

        Children of Thomas Howard and Lutitia White are:
        i.      JOHN THOMAS9 HOWARD, b. Abt 1856, LINCOLN CO., TN.; d. Aft
        ii.     MARTHA HOWARD, b. Abt 1857, LINCOLN CO., TN.; d. Aft 1860,
        iii.    CHRISTOPHER B. HOWARD, b. Abt 1860, LINCOLN CO., TN.; d.
Aft 1880, LINCOLN CO., TN..
        iv.     MOLLIE L. HOWARD, b. Abt 1862, LINCOLN CO., TN.; d. Aft
1880, LINCOLN CO., TN..
        v.      JAMES P. HOWARD, b. Abt 1865, LINCOLN CO., TN.; d. Aft
1880, LINCOLN CO., TN..
        vi.     GEORGE F. HOWARD, b. Abt 1869, LINCOLN CO., TN.; d. Abt
1880, LINCOLN CO., TN..

PHILIP3, SAMUEL2, MATTHEW1) was born Abt 1839 in Lincoln Co., Tn., and died
Aft 1870 in Lincoln Co., Tn..  He married MARY JANE GATTIS October 12, 1858
in Lincoln Co., Tn..

1850 Census - Llincoln Co., Tn. - Benjamin Howard, age 10.
1860 Census - Llincoln Co., Tn. - Benjamin V. Howard, age 21, Li-129-42. 
1870 Census - Llincoln Co., Tn. - Benj. Howard, age 31, LI-206. 

CONTRIBUTED BY:         Kenneth Howard III

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